Live Earth Area Co-ops

joined up living for joined up people’

Helping our Society back into Balance

     with Nature and the Planet


Welcome to your Live Earth Area Co-op


Your Live Earth Area Co-op is your own way to collectively co-create all the aspects of a truly sustainable local society.

Together we have all the pieces to that jigsaw.

Together we have all the ideas, vision, inspiration, strength, knowledge, wealth, will and heartfelt caring for our community, local environment and the world at large.

This site is a start up picture of the services, elements and areas that your Area Co-op can easily cover and knit together into a sparkling whole to make a new working basis to your local society and communities that will enable you to collectively steer a course towards sustainable living.

The thread that runs through the Live Earth Area Co-op is the Live Earth Common Bond. One way to look at the Live Earth Common Bond is as the axle to your wheel. By getting this clear and out into the open it enables your local wheel to start to turn and develop the strength and power to move yourselves forward in the direction you want to go. It also helps your local wheel to stay balanced. Most significantly it also connects you as a community of humans into the local environment so that the Nature becomes an included part of your community.

The magic thing about the Live Earth Common Bond is that it has the connectivity to connect you to every other Live Earth Area Co-op, community of people, person on the Planet and the Planet itself. This is the thread that is capable of linking and sewing the patchwork quilt of our human society back into a beautiful cooperative pattern that joins us all together with each other, Nature and the Planet.

So check out the section on the Common Bond where it goes into more detail on this. Take some time to think and feel about your own personal sense of how things are connected and how the world works. Talk about these and share about them with your friends and family. What you will find is that it opens up a really beautiful space between you. A space where you find that each of you says the same thing in your own unique way.

The starting point is the Green Area Social Club or GAS Club.  So called because its function is to give everyone a ‘Gas’ of a time ! Gathering together, rubbing shoulders and developing community bonds through meeting, sharing and celebrating is absolutely vital. Its the best way to get in step and harmony with each other. By creating this basic and essential piece of local culture we start to open up the grounds of belonging and community that will serve us and nurture us as we explore and take on the various challenges on our journey to creating a locally sustainable society.

The rest of the site sketches in the other areas and services that the Area Co-op has to offer. Each of these is a world in themselves and this site just contains a thumbnail sketch to give a suggestion of a starting point.

So have an explore and enjoy yourself. Any suggestions or comments, please be sure to make a note of them and send them in. This site is a suggestion of a starting point that we all need to take and make our own in our own unique collective manner.


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